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Advance Survey Design Pty Ltd (ASD) is a company that will provide high quality irrigation technical design & advice services to its clients.

The company’s knowledge and awareness of the driving forces behind the increasing demand for water efficiencies by its municipal and community markets will remain invaluable.

Whole Farm Plan

The implementation of a Whole Farm Plan is a vital tool for the long term viability of a farming enterprise.

Project Management

Advance Survey Design Pty Ltd has had vast experience in the management of implementing works on the ground.


Surveying options include Feature Surveys, Construction Surveys, As-Constructed Surveys and Asset Information Surveys.

GMW Water Efficiency Project

As the GMW WEP program rolls out across the GMID accurate advice is required by the landholder to make informed decisions. There are many considerations to take into account when dealing with this process and Advance Survey Design Pty Ltd has years of experience in the implementation of this program.

Irrigation Delivery Systems & Structure Design

With our vast knowledge and experience within the irrigation industry we are able to design complex irrigation delivery systems, including the structures required to manage the system. Whether you are after a pressurised or gravity pipeline system or an earthen storage, delivery and/or drainage system our team has the experience to design whatever is required.

Machine Control Files

ASD can create the required files for your 2d and 3d grade control software. We create the files for your machine and your field rover so your whole team is on the same page. We can create the files from Supplied Cad models or we can create a model for you. Whether it is a road, channel, pipeline or dam we can take the guesswork out of your earthworks project.

Effluent Design and Management Systems

Developing an effective effluent system, detailed planning is required to ensure the system suits the farm's requirements and overall production system.

Some of our other services include:
  • 3d Surface Modelling
  • Earthworks Quantity calculations
  • Plan recreation¬†
  • Title plan drafting for easement creation/removal
  • Construction setout.¬†
  • Pump Station design
  • GIS files

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If you have a question relating to one of our services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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